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Review: ‘In the Shadow of the Cold War’ by Timothy Lynch

Timothy Lynch’s highly accessible monograph “In the Shadow of the Cold War: American Foreign Policy from George Bush Sr. to Donald Trump” is lucidly written and extensively well-researched. Anyone looking for a basic overview of contemporary American foreign policy could do far worse than reading this book. I picked up Lynch’s work expecting to vehemently … Continue reading Review: ‘In the Shadow of the Cold War’ by Timothy Lynch

Commonalities in Marxism and Conservatism

People often remark that I am surprisingly conservative. Surprising at least, for someone who identifies as a socialist. Let this be my confession: I am deeply sympathetic to elements of conservative philosophy. And yet conservatism in practice appears deranged, not least due to its adherents. What explains this apparent contradiction? Contemporary Western political parties have … Continue reading Commonalities in Marxism and Conservatism

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